Are you tired of night fishing and not being able to see your fishing pole? I know I was tired of using a flashlite every time I wanted to see if there was a bite on the poles. And I was super tired of using a latern to fish by, draws too many bugs. Using the Fat Cat Lites, I can see even the smallest bite on the poles from 5 to 2o feet away.

These lights are made in our shop by us. They sell for $19.95 plus shipping. Shipping will be determined by quantity ordered and distance they will be shipped. Once we ship enough of these to know what the shipping will be running, I'll post a set price. We are currently setting up the web store so that all transaction will be done on line. For now, we'll be doing Paypal. So send us how many you want, your name and shipping address. And I'll let you know how much the total will be.

Day Light
Evening Light
Low Light
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